Tree planting

Monday's Child Skincare is a business partner of Give Back to Nature, an amazing organisation with the project mission of reducing extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. We have pledged to fund the planting of one tree with each order of our products.

Trees are planted through Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden is a nonprofit that is committed to alleviating extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya and beyond. Through their "Employ to Plant" methodology, they provide fair-wage and consistent employment to thousands of people in communities suffering from extreme poverty. 

Trees, when planted responsibly, can play a significant role in stopping climate change - and alongside our other efforts to promote sustainability, we see tree planting as a way towards carbon neutrality for our business. 

Give Back to Nature said: “Give Back to Nature is very happy to announce its partnership with Monday's Child Skincare. They have already planted 1000 trees in areas ravaged by deforestation, created over 10 days of work for villagers in those impoverished countries, and committed to plant one additional tree every time they sell one of their great products.”