Below are a selection of 100% genuine reviews of our SKIN PERFECTING OIL from some of our wonderful customers - more reviews can be found on the 'Shop' page. 

“I’ve been using the Skin Perfecting Oil for four days now and I honestly wish I’d found it sooner… It’s AMAZING!!! My skin has changed so much! I have no blemishes, my skin isn’t dry… I actually feel like I’m glowing! For the first time ever, I’m happy wearing no makeup.” -- Elle

“I just wanted to say how much I love your Skin Perfecting Oil. I was interested to try it as I’m trying to use only natural products on my skin. I am in my 40s but have hormone-related problem skin. It has knocked my confidence and has really been getting me down. I was a little unsure about putting an oil on oily skin but I’m happy to report that I am very impressed! It soaks straight into my skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue. My skin is left feeling soft and it has also significantly reduced the amount of spots. This is just after a week of use! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for helping me feel better about myself.”
-- Louise

“I think people are often scared to use an oily on oily skin (as I was) but this actually works! I used it day and night and it’s fantastic. I’d give it a few minutes to sink in before applying your makeup, but it’s a great base as it seems to provide this smooth silky even surface… Not oily or greasy, absolutely helps to even skin tone and cleared up my time of the month slight outbreak. This is now going to be a permanent product in my daily routine and I highly recommend it! All natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free!!! What’s not to love...” -- Kate

“I’ve had acne and acne scarring for years… And I’ve tried it all… Everything you can think of to try and sort it out, from the home remedies like toothpaste to the expensive treatments like skin peels, micro-needling, and even prescribed medication… Nothing has ever really helped! And it really knocks your confidence and makes you feel horrible about yourself. I gave up on trying and then I saw Monday’s Child Skincare. They offer an oil that’s natural, vegan and made in the UK, specifically for this kind of problem… So I gave them a go as they’ve had amazing reviews. I wasn’t convinced it would do anything, but wow how wrong I was. This oil, which I only use in my PM routine, has drastically improved my skin. I actually leave the house without my makeup now, my skin is the best it’s been for years and I love it. I will never use anything else and 100% recommend this oil to everyone! It’s amazing and really works!” -- Clare

“I’ve been using this product for just over a month… It has significantly reduced redness, helped massively with blemishes (even hormonal breakouts weren’t as bad as usual!), improved my skin texture, and has made my skin brighter and glowy! This oil smells incredible too - the lavender scent definitely comes through, and you can smell the frankincense. It is a heavy scent, but I love it. It’s perfect to wind down with before bed too – the scent is really relaxing! The packaging is sleek, and the pipette makes application really easy. It came beautifully packaged too… I’ve never used a face oil before this – but now I’ll never go back. I’m so so impressed with the results of this. It’s a common misconception that those with oily skin shouldn’t use products like this, so I think it’s great that Monday’s Child are aiming this at oily/blemish-prone skin – but I would recommend this product to all skin types, even sensitive skin.” -- Lysha

“I’ve been using the Skin Perfecting Oil for almost two weeks now and I absolutely adore this product! Even after just one use I saw a difference to my skin which was such a wonderful feeling. My skin is oily and prone to spots but now after just this short time, my skin feels smoother and my spots have almost all gone which has been such a confidence boost. I look forward to using the oil every night because it smells amazing and feels like a mini spa treatment every time. I cannot thank Monday’s Child enough for creating such a useful, wonderful product that really works and I would recommend to absolutely everyone!”

-- Emily

“I had severe hormonal acne thanks to a contraceptive pill. I literally tried everything from over the counter medications and creams and nothing worked. I wanted to go back to basics and try and use as many natural ingredients as possible in an attempt to balance out my skin and clear up my sudden burst of adult acne and scarring. I have been using the Skin Perfecting Oil for just over a month and can honestly say it’s the best my skin has been in months! I was concerned adding oil on already oily skin but my skin drinks this stuff up and loves it! The smell is also divine. I’m looking forward to seeing my skin after another couple of months using this product. Thanks Monday’s Child.” -- Dawn

“I came across Monday’s Child Skincare on Instagram and being a lover of all things beauty I had to try their Skin Perfecting Oil. I have been using this product every night for the past 4 weeks and I cannot rave about it enough! I have combination skin and suffer badly with redness on my cheeks. Since using this serum my redness has almost completely gone and I have really noticed a reduction in the number of blemishes I get, making me more confident to go outside make-up free! I love knowing that when I wake up in the morning this oil will have worked wonders leaving my skin clearer and smoother… This is seriously a 5-star product that I cannot recommend enough! I am really looking forward to see what else Monday’s Child brings out and will be first in the queue to try new products!” -- Kimberley

“I suffered from hormonal acne like many of us that left a lot of scars on my face. I was looking for a natural product that can help me with reducing blemish occurrence as well as fading my scars. I’ve been using the oil for a few weeks now every night before bed and I love it! The smell, the ingredients, the brand and the fact it does exactly what it says on the tin! I had redness around my mouth and jawline that is visibly reduced. My scars are fading and the oil is now 100% incorporated into my daily regime. A lot of people with acne avoid oils but using the right oils is most likely what your skin needs to recover. I’d highly recommend it!” -- Anna-Mariya

“I absolutely love this oil. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, changing between morning and evening (sometimes both) and my skin looks so much better! I have oily blemish-prone skin and when I use this oil I notice a huge difference, my skin is far less oily and I’ve even started wearing no makeup some days which for me is amazing. It smells incredible and has gorgeous organic ingredients. I would highly recommend it to anyone with problem skin. It almost makes you look like you have a filter, skin looks so glowy and fresh.” -- Amy

“I was looking for something unique and natural for my son, who has sensitive skin especially on the face and suffered redness which really did knock his confidence. When I had a look my attention was grabbed by the name as my son was born on a Monday, and I wanted to check this out further. I decided to place an order and religiously my son has been using it, and we’ve seen a huge difference in his skin tone and smoothness and it looks really healthy. For a kid at 18 to rate skincare is almost a miracle in itself. So thank you Monday’s Child for creating a little lifesaver but also your amazing customer service. We will be repeat ordering and thinking about using it for my own skin too.” -- Samantha

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