It's a common misconception that those with the oily and blemish-prone skin type shouldn't use oils on their skin - we wanted to change that, as we believe that with the right formula, a facial oil can bring powerful benefits.


Our SKIN PERFECTING OIL (30ml) is designed to address a wide range of skin concerns: it erases acne scars, marks and redness; helps to control oil production; evens out skin tone; smooths out any fine lines; intensely hydrates any dry, patchy skin; and gives a super boost to dull, tired skin. It does all this whilst leaving skin with a healthy, nourishing glow.


As seen in TATLER magazine. 


This product:

  • uses only the highest quality ingredients, produced and bottled in the UK;
  • is all-natural, 100% vegan and uses organic ingredients;
  • is sulphate, paraben and chemical-free; and
  • contains nothing that has been tested on animals. 


The product is suitable for sensitive skin - we use small amounts of essential oils, diluted with a soothing carrier oil, meaning that our customers can capitalise on the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils without any irritation to the skin.


Always test on a small patch of skin before full application. 


Our bespoke MONDAY'S CHILD boxes have a high recycled content, using materials from sustainable rainforests. Our boxes and glass bottles are fully recyclable. We fund the planting of one tree with every order. 


With love, 




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  • Our oil is made up of nine carefully selected, all-natural ingredients - all add value, and there are no 'filler' ingredients! The full ingredients list is as follows:

    • jojoba golden oil (buxus chinensis) - gently moisturises, keeps pores clear and helps skin retain its moisture without blocking pores; 
    • calendula oil (calendula officinalis) - bursting with natural antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to create glowing skin, and speeds up the healing process of blemishes and acne scars;
    • rosehip oil (rosa rubiginosa)- naturally high in skin super vitamins A and C, hydrates skin, treats pigmentation, tightens and brightens skin;
    • vitamin E (tocopherol) - nourishes your skin, boosts collagen production, and encourages cell regeneration;
    • sunflower seed oil (helianthus annus) - a non-comedogenic carrier oil that won't block pores, this contains antioxidants that help protect skin from free radicals and premature aging;
    • chromabright active (dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate) - a natural ingredient extracted by nanotechnology from algae, which brightens skin and slows down visible aging; 
    • lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolioa) - fights bacteria on the skin, has a calming effect on the skin and helps to prevent future breakouts; 
    • frankincense oil (boswellia carteri) - antibacterial and antiseptic, tightens skin and helps fade marks and scars; and
    • geranium oil (pelargonium graveolens) - a natural cleanser and one of the best essential oils to keep skin smooth and soft.

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